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How Learning New Skills during Lockdown

Lockdowns are a part of life in the education system. Lockdown drills teach students how to react when something goes wrong and can’t get out of school. In addition, they learn what they need to do to stay safe during an emergency, which is especially important for younger kids who may not know what they should do in this type of situation.

Tips for learning new knowledge during the lockdown

In the age of digital natives, kids are growing up with a world of knowledge at their fingertips. In this environment, it can be not easy to keep students engaged during lockdown drills. However, there are many ways that teachers and administrators can use these times to teach new skills to their students while keeping them entertained and safe from harm. Here is a list of five ways schools have incorporated learning into lockdowns:

  • Teachers may choose to bring in an expert on topics such as emergency preparedness or safety procedures;
  • Students might do homework assignments related to the current situation;
  • Teachers could lead discussions about what happened and why people need to be prepared for emergencies;
  • They might assign projects such as designing poster detailing.

What are some skills that can be learned during a lockdown? The best way to learn new skills is through trial and error. With the recent events, many schools have been put on lockdown. This is a time when students are not allowed to leave their classrooms for any reason. One activity that has proven successful in these situations is group work, where students are assigned problems to solve together while they listen for updates from school administration or law enforcement officers about what’s happening outside of the classroom door. Other activities include reading books aloud or telling stories out loud with classmates so everyone can share their thoughts and feelings about what happened. Students might also want to try writing poetry, drawing pictures, singing songs, playing games.

Top skills you developed during the lockdown period

Lockdowns are a part of most students’ lives, but they can be tiresome. They can disrupt your sleep schedule, your social life, and your schoolwork. However, there’s no reason to let the lockdown prevent you from doing something new or interesting. As long as it is safe to do so in the current situation, use this time wisely by exploring new skills!

learning new knowledge

One way to make this time more productive is by brushing up on old skills with video tutorials on YouTube for general knowledge or for specific subjects like math or science that you’re behind in at school. You could also learn how to cook a meal if you have never had much experience in the kitchen before, read an article about some topic that interests you online through apps.

Some people are so comfortable with their routine that they resist change, but some thrive on it. For example, during lockdowns like the one we had last week at my school, I made sure to take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills. One morning, my English teacher asked us what we were reading, and I said ‘The Great Gatsby.’ She then asked if I would be interested in joining her book club next semester and writing a review for the group. At first, this seemed like an intimidating task because of its length (over 100 pages), but I realized how much fun it would be after giving it some more thought. My willingness to do something outside of my comfort zone is just one way that lockdown has helped me.

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