• in-person learning

    Reasons Why Online Learning is More Effective Than Face-to-Face

    Online learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. Many educators believe that online learning is more effective than face-to-face education because it can be provided at a lower cost and greater convenience to both the student and the instructor. Some of the reasons online learning may be more effective […]

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  • pandemic has caused many problems

    How the Global Pandemic Affects Education

    The global pandemic is discouraging education. With the spread of misinformation, people refuse to go to school or even attend their children’s classrooms. The lack of education has caused many people in developing countries and developed nations like America and England to turn away from their studies because they’re afraid of contacting someone who may […]

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  • employers prefer online degrees

    The Value for Employer of Online Degrees

    Online degrees are an excellent way for working professionals to advance their careers. Employers have seen the value in online education and are increasingly looking at candidates with an online degree as more qualified than those who do not. An online degree can also help you take your career in a new direction if you […]

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  • virtual class

    Engaging Games and Activities for Virtual Classroom

    Teachers can use these strategies within any type or level of educational setting, from K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and training courses. These activities are designed to help students improve various skills, including literacy skills, mathematical skills, reading comprehension skills, and so on.  The games and lessons have been created for teachers by teachers and other […]

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  • blockchain technology

    The Impact of Blockchain on the Education Sector

    Blockchain technology is disrupting the education sector at an unprecedented rate. It has already proven a game-changer in many other industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail. It’s not hard to see why this emerging technology is making waves. Blockchain offers the potential for greater security and transparency than any other system currently available. In recent […]

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  • The Benefits of Education Reform in New York City

    Many people think that New York City’s education system is in dire need of reform. The city has some of the worst school systems in America, and it spends less money per pupil than any other major metropolitan area. The Mayor administration has made progress by increasing the graduation rate to 65%. They also increased […]

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  • Ways to Use Gamification for Learning

    Gamification is a way to motivate people to take action by making an activity more engaging. Gamification in the classroom can be used in many ways, for example: making students feel ownership over their learning experience and improving student engagement. What are some of the benefits of using gamification or metaverse gaming? How do these […]

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